ISO Lifting

Body builders are already changing they way they lift. They are using less heavy weights and holding for longer times. They just needed devices to be able to hold longer at the max range of motion. Many doctors are prescribing lifting as a way to improve mental fitness (stress and anxiety). Users can increase the feel-good feeling they get from lifting weights by extending their hold time at max (called ISO Lifting).

Lift to feel "runner's high" and make it FUN! 

More Endorphins

No Cortisol*

Learn how to push for gains with no pains!

Use SPC** for great motivation and feedback

*Stress hormone    **SPC: Statistics Process Control (stats)
Maxing Performance (MaxingP)

SIROS patented software for eliminating stresses in manufacturing processes can be applied to control and manage the sources of stress and anxiety in our lives. 

It can gather data from sensors used while lifting which can in turn use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to correlate lifting-thinking-feeling to be fit and happier.
Quality Control Applied to Lifting
Most people stop working out because they don't see prompt results. With our proven system, you can see gains in 2 to 3 weeks.

This chart shows my waist-to-shoulder ratio after fully implementing the MENC method. You can see the immediate gains after this method was used. Sergio got the highest ever recorded in the last 20 years

What if you had used this method and measurement to see your progress...would you give up?

A great motivator to stay fit and happier.
Trending Chest Work Out vs. Time
This chart shows the trend of a chest work out over a period of 7 weeks. 

I was doing reps and increased my lift from from approximately 7000 lbs to 8200 lbs....I was shocked when I saw the gain!!!

Another great motivator to stay fit and happier.
My Weight Over the Last 20 years
Got to over 210 lbs thinking that I could turn them into muscles. Didn't work out that way.

The ups and downs are related to doing cardio (cycling) and taking December off.

Another great motivator to stay fit and happier.